My old truck is on it's last leg

For the past 12 months, I have happily been working at a marijuana retail center.

I am a delivery service driver.

Both of us offer in store services and only deliveries are allowed at the store. There really isn’t a store at all in which clients can come and order items. We are delivery only and all of the orders come from within the city. I have to leave the cannabis store with extra supplies. If a person order a supplies while I am away, I can go to their place with all of the supplies on hand. It is almost appreciate being an ice cream person but with cannabis instead. I earn entirely good cash tips. The tips have been pretty good during the last month but now people are being stingy because 420 is coming up in a week. I only acquired $70 in tips last Friday when I would normally earn around $200. Making things worse, my own truck broke down when I was making a cannabis delivery. I am now excited that everything is over but I was stranded on the bridge for several hours. Another co-worker from the cannabis store came to pick up the delivery so she could finish up. Then I had another person come to help me with the car. The boss allowed one of the workers to leave to help myself and also others. She really got the car started allowing me to drive it back home. I surely cannot deliver any more marijuana products until I can figure out exactly what’s wrong with the truck.

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