My parents smoked a fairly good amount of weed

Did your parents smoke weed when you were a little one? Am I alone in this? I have to laugh about it to be honest, because it never occurred to me until recently.

  • I am in my mid 30s, as well as have a few children of my own.

I smoke weed basically every day, despite the fact that I keep it secret from the youngsters. I only smoke outside, so that I don’t expose them to secondhand pot smoke as well as ruin their little lungs. It made me wonder about my own parents, as well as if they smoked marijuana when I was a little one, the same way I do now! One day my kids will be grown up, as well as smoking cannabis somewhere, as well as will have the same question about me perhaps. Last weekend I stopped by to help my mother with some yard work, because she is getting pretty old these days. I asked her point blank if she as well as Dad smoked cannabis when I was a little one. Dad laughed as well as then said “son, my buddy and I still smoke cannabis, as well as have for the course of your life.” Like me, my mother consistently smoked marijuana outside so the smoke wouldn’t affect me. My friend and I did the yard toil together, then went inside where my mother took out a giant glass jar filled with cannabis. There must have been six ounces worth of marjuana in there! She hand rolled the biggest joint I have ever seen, as well as after that we sat together drinking chilly beer as well as smoking cannabis for the remainder of the afternoon. One day I hope that I can smoke cannabis with my little ones, however that won’t happen for numerous years to come.

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