My recovery was aided by cannabis products

When I finally found out just how fragile the human body absolutely was, I found out the most taxing way, however perhaps that’s what comes from a lifetime of thinking that I was basically invincible.

It’s not that I absolutely thought I was bulletproof or immune to injury, however there was something deeply subconscious going on.

And it made the reality of my physical trauma all that much tougher to handle. Thanks to the local cannabis spot, I’m on my way to what I hope is a total recovery. I struggled mightily prior to discovering the benefits of indica, sativa as well as several hybrid strains. Marijuana was something I had tried back in school! But it just wasn’t high enough energy for me. I wanted to be tasting adrenaline in my mouth as well as taking risks. That was not something that I could do while smoking recreational marijuana. So I just never got into it. But once I got hit by a car, things changed as well as cannabis soon became a part of my life. Actually, it was a local healthcare worker who advocated that I give sativa as well as the indica strains a shot. I was not at all into using the heavy opioid meds for pain any longer than I needed to. But I also wanted something to manage pain as well as help me get the most out of my intense physical therapy. So I hobbled myself into the local cannabis spot as well as picked up a wide variety of cannabis products. The indica strains entirely do help me stretch my muscles as well as I have a wider range of motion. But I think the sativa strains are every bit as important. They help me to stay more positive as well as maintain a perspective of hope as I continue on my way toward what will be a brand new normal for me.