My sister didn’t expect to see me at the medical cannabis dispensary.

I walked into the medical cannabis dispensary last week, and I was shocked to see my sister at the counter… She tried to ignore that she saw me, however she wasn’t getting off that easy… Ever since I got my medical marijuana ID card numerous years ago, my sister has been harrassing me.

She told me I shouldn’t be smoking marijuana and I told him I didn’t smoke it.

She said she thought marijuana was wrong, and I shouldn’t be using it. She was a pompous fool, even though I still appreciated him. The more she told me smoking marijuana was wrong, the more I used it, but i never tried to make him understand that using medical marijuana wasn’t the same, then now that I have seen him at the medical cannabis dispensary, I want to make fun of him and make him eat her words. I didn’t guess why she was medical marijuana and I didn’t care to ask. I was sure she had some off the wall reason, or she would tell me she was picking it up for someone else. Everyone knows she wouldn’t be caught dead inside a legal medical marijuana dispensary for himself. She caught up to me outside when i left the medical marijuana dispensary and asked if all of us could talk. She wanted me to guess that she was sorry for all the horrible things she had said to me. She also told me that if she wasn’t have such a strenuous time with the nausea of chemo, she wouldn’t be using medical marijuana. I was beginning to think disappointing for thinking all those nasty thoughts about him.


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