My son was only smoking marijuana and it shouldn’t be a crime

It shouldn’t be a crime to use marijuana products as long as you are at home and in your own personal and private space. Recreational and medical marijuana products are legal in 2/3 of the country, but here in this state, if you get caught with marijuana, you are going to end up in jail. My son was smoking marijuana with some friends and they got caught. Now my son is in the system and the judge is determined to throw the book at him. The kid had a half ounce of marijuana in his bag and a pack of rolling papers. The police charged him with intent to sell. I was appalled when I got the call from my son. I immediately went to the police station to bail him out of jail. Now the county social workers want to get involved with his family, because he was arrested for possession with intent to sell. In ⅔ of the country, my son would not be in trouble at all for having a half ounce of marijuana and rolling papers. It does not make sense that the rules are different for some people just because they happen to live in a different geographical location. I honestly believe that marijuana should be legalized for the whole country for medical and recreational reasons. They can easily keep track of who is running each dispensary just like they do now and the government can get their fair share of taxes. If the government officials would stop dragging their feet, this country would have a huge economic boost by legalizing marijuana for everyone.



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