My wife really loves her cannabis products

My wife Janelle really loves the medical cannabis products that she uses.

Many times, she asks me to go with her to the local medical cannabis dispensary so that she can try out all of the new cannabis products that they get in on their weekly shipments.

There seems to always be something new showing up on their cannabis product menu, and Janelle is always happy to try out something new. She really liked the cannabis oil pen that I bought her for her birthday this year but now she wants to try something else. She decided that she wants to go to one of the medical cannabis dispensary events so that she can educate herself on even more types of medical cannabis products. Janelle is one of those people who likes to learn new things all the time so whenever she told me that she wanted to go to one of these cannabis education events I was not really all that surprised at all. She likes to use different cannabis products and even though I don’t like the idea of spending all of our money on new cannabis products that we don’t really need, I know that she wants to try new things. At this point, I feel like I may have created a monster! She wants to spend lots of money and time at the cannabis dispensary, that’s for sure. It’s a good thing that she is usually good at saving money or we would definitely be in trouble. I know that the cannabis products are going to be expensive so it’s a good thing she saves money elsewhere.

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