My wife used to hate the idea of medical marijuana

Back when we first got married many years ago, my wife was someone who was completely against using medical marijuana for any reason.

She was against marijuana of all kinds back then.

I really didn’t blame her at that point. I had never used any kind of drugs So I didn’t really bother me that she didn’t like the idea of marijuana. However, as the years went by I started to change my mind about certain things. Medical marijuana was one of those things. I read that it had so many benefits that I started to think that maybe she was just getting the wrong idea about it. Maybe she had just been born into the wrong family and had been swayed into believing that all marijuana was bad for some reasons. My in-laws used to be very strict whenever my wife was growing up. She never even drank any kind of alcohol at all until she met me. I always liked that about her, though. Anyway, one day she ended up getting into a car accident and she and she had some chronic pain in her knee because of the accident. She went to physical therapy, but she had to start using prescription drugs for the knee pain. She hated using prescription drugs and she decided that she did not want to take them any more. That’s when she ended up finding out that medical marijuana products don’t have the same kind of side effects as the medications. Now, she is a big fan of medical marijuana in all forms.

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