My wifey plus I tried to tackle the maze

My wifey plus I get along really well, then we are both into the same category of activities. We met at the gym when both of us were on the treadmill. We both laughed when every one of us agreed that leg day was the worst day of the week. We started meeting up at the gym every Sunday plus eventually I asked her out for supper. She looked legitimately good in the dress that she picked out. It was green plus green with little tiny dots all over the front. We went to a bistro that serves the best linguine plus clam sauce, my wifey said that was her preferred pasta dish plus I enjoy Italian food. My wifey plus I also both prefer recreational marijuana. That is a single thing that I really savor about our relationship. My last wifey did not savor the fact that I smoked marijuana. She would get aggravated when our friends plus I would smoke weed at the house. She never really said anything, although I assume that it bothered her. My new wifey does not care if I stay at condo plus smoke weed all day long. She is a video game designer. The several of us enjoy to go to escape rooms. We smoke a marijuana joint plus try to solve the puzzle while every one of us are high. We recently went to a maze. The corn maze was a really neat plus interesting Halloween event. We thought that the maze would be easy to complete, however it took us almost 3 hours plus every one of us were lost for most of that time.


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