Next week, we will start offering free delivery services to the whole county

The marijuana dispensary downtown has been open for the past 9 weeks, however when the store opened, they gave delivery services on all marijuana products in the dispensary, however delivery services were $5 each and only available if your order was more than $100… A lot of people complained about the minimum delivery order, however I was close to the dispensary, so it didn’t easily matter.

After I moved to a new apartment, I was a little irritated about the fact that the store would not deliver to myself and others unless I made a minimum $100 cannabis order! I was many miles from the store address and that seemed enjoy no distance at all.

It was only numerous miles on the interstate and another numerous miles down the highway. $100 on cannabis supplies is a lot for a person that only uses recreational marijuana. I don’t guess I would smoke that much marijuana even if I was a weekly user. I was glad to receive an text from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary; The text was a reminder that the store is going to start offering free delivery services at the beginning of next week. The free delivery services will be on all products from the marijuana dispensary and there will no longer be an order minimum. I am gleeful about the variations at the marijuana dispensary, then now that I have moved a little bit further away from the shop, it’s kind of a pain to drive over there. I am looking forward to being able to order cannabis supplies that can be delivered right to my front door.

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