No more weed smoking at work is the new rule

I was working at a Boombox station and lost my job.

If there is any person that knows of a relaxing DJ job or Boombox station hiring, please hit myself and others up in your comments. My strengths are easily caring about working on the graveyard shift. I am official with any type of Boombox format or many different songs plus I like to relax while talking to some listeners on the pc. Some of my weaknesses will include not passing a recreational marijuana drug test. It really seems stupid that these drug tests are still common in the radio industry. Cannabis has been legalized in some odd states. When I was just getting started in the late ’80s, no person cared about smoking marijuana anywhere around the studio. It was honestly respectable to spark up a marijuana joint while playing a song by black sabbath. We could expound at length the virtue of purple haze. This is a very odd world when the cannabis dispensaries are erected left plus right. It comes to the corporate laws plus how they want the insurance premiums to go. Corporation owners eliminate potential employees that respectfully use cannabis thinking that this will help them focus better on their jobs. I will smoke when I’m at home plus at home I stick with cannabis Edibles when I have to worry about being at the job. Going forward I definitely have to feel stringent about the type of products that I use at work but that does not mean going without cannabis all together.

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