Not the usual kind of farm, or the usual kind of security guard job.

Ever since the factory went out of business, this whole community has entered an economic depression.

  • That factory was the financial backbone of this town, and its ruin has been the ruin of us all.

I worked as a nighttime security guard for the factory over the course of eight years. I can’t say it was the best job in the world, but it was secure, offered benefits, and paid well. Now I am out of work, along with several hundred other people, and the local economy is a total mess. As a way to make ends meet, I have taken a new nighttime security job at a small cannabis farm outside of town. It was never my goal to work on a cannabis farm, but it is the best job I have been able to find. Part of the reason Hank wanted to hire me is because I never smoke cannabis or use any other kinds of drugs. In the part Hank has had issues with his security guards poaching weeds from his cannabis plants and getting high at night. He knows that will never happen with me, mostly because of my asthma. I can’t smoke cannabis, tobacco, or anything else with my lungs. I am one of two guards that work on the cannabis farm, and we alternate shifts so that neither one of us get too tired out. I have only been working on the cannabis farm for a few nights, but so far everything is nice and calm. Hank is worried about cannabis thieves, but I haven’t seen any yet.


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