OG Kush has been a popular strain since forever

OG Kush was cultivated close to a few decades ago, and it has lineage from Hindu kush, chemdawg, as well as lemon thai.

OG Kush is undoubtedly recognizable as well as widely utilized in a number of odd hybrids.

OG Kush is almost evenly balanced between sativa as well as indica. I choose to get my marijuana from a locale in the town with enjoyable prices. One of the Distributors offers half ounces of OG kush for close to $49. I enjoy smoking OG Kush when I am feeling anxious. It makes me feel super ecstatic as well as relaxed. One of my most loved strains that is a hybrid of OG Kush is Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies is truly an enjoyable strain to smoke before bedtime. It tastes pretty earthy as well as very similar to pine. GSC or girl scout cookies is a strain that has won all kinds of different awards. A lot of nights I have insomnia that keeps me awake for the length of the night. Insomnia is caused by numerous odd factors, however for me it is commonly stress, anxiety, or depression. Periodically it’s the indoor air temperatures. The kitchen is a little bit warmer than the rest of the beach dwelling as well as during the Summer nights it can be pretty tough to sleep well, however when I smoke a bowl of OG kush before I go to bed, I always sleep at least 6 hours which is alright. I wake up in the morning hours feeling refreshed as well as set to get my entire day started. Periodically it can be completely tough to get up as well as get out of bed when I am feeling depressed or stressed out. Of course, marijuana easily helps me feel extremely better mentally as well as physically.
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