Open mic night at the cannabis dispensary

Music is my passion, and what drives me in life.

I would like music to be my career, as well, but so far that hasn’t happened.

Being good at singing and playing guitar has not translated into me making any money by singing and playing guitar. I keep chasing my dream, doing small shows and honing my craft. My belief is that one day I will catch a break, and the right person will hear my music, and then my career can truly begin. I am not sure that playing little shows and open mic nights in local bars and cannabis dispensaries is my path to success, but everyone has to start somewhere. More than anything I am surprised by the amount of business the cannabis dispensaries generate. I play a lot more cannabis dispensaries than I play bars or taverns, because this is where people seem to congregate these days. When I was younger, going to the bar was the best thing to do late at night, but that has been replaced by the cannabis dispensary, at least in this town. Almost every cannabis dispensary has a smokers lounge where people hang out and get high. These smokers’ lounge rooms are where I spend most of my evenings, playing folk music and being enveloped by the sweet embrace of cannabis smoke. The gigs are not very big, or very long, and don’t pay much money, but some of the places throw in a free bag of cannabis after the show. Usually I don’t smoke the cannabis, I sell it to my roommate to help pay my bills.



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