Options on how to rank on google

If you want your cannabis dispensary website to rank on google you have two choices.

You can do pay per click advertising or search engine marketing.

PPC is where you get a top spot on page one of google. You then pay a small amount anytime someone clicks on your website. Here is the thing though, you’re not guaranteed a sale. So if everyone is clicking on your website, hating it and leaving, it just costs you money in the end. You are paying for the privilege to be seen. It doesn’t mean that your website is good and that people actually want to buy. SEO is much more organic traffic. Keywords are targeted through an optimized website. So someone can type in edibles, cannabis, or your area name and your website is pulled up. Then someone who is looking to shop will click on your website, it won’t cost you anything and they can browse. It is less stressful since you don’t need to get a sale then and there. However, with cannabis SEO you need to constantly stay on it with targeting keywords and keeping the website in optimal shape. That means hiring a cannabis SEO company would be important for any dispensary. So what is the better option? Pay for a good spot and hope your website is good enough? Or pay a company to make yourself good enough but keep paying them? It really is up to the individual business owner on what digital marketing strategy is for them.


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