Our new building is gonna be a dispensary

Every one of us will be able to buy the products that we want and need.

Every one of us did not know if rumors were true but at the end of last summer there was a new commercial building being erected. Construction started in June and finished around september. It was the middle of August when everyone of us found out what was going into that area. We were trying to speculate that it might be a grocery store or an apartment building. There were lots of things that the neighborhood could use. One thing that I did not consider the neighborhood needed was a cannabis shop. When I saw the sign for the cannabis shop on the new construction building, I immediately called my friends to tell them all about the new shop. Every one of us were excited, because we currently have to drive 30 minutes to get to the closest cannabis dispensary. Now that we are going to have something that is local and right here next to us, we are all excited. As well as different hybrid varieties of marijuana. Every one of us will be able to buy the products that we want and need. They are also going to place a Cannabis Cafe on part of the building. The Cannabis Cafe will have Edibles and you will be able to go in there and sit down and relax. The dispensary will be really cool and have a wide selection of cannabis products that are available in many different varieties. My friends plus myself are incredibly excited to see how it will be when we have a cannabis dispensary and first rate Cafe.

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