Our state government is always tightening its marijuana rules plus regulations

For a state government that is made up of people who tout themselves as “small government” proponents, they sure love to create endless laws to over step their job in their citizens’ lives.

Reproductive rights plus wages are many examples that instantly come to mind, however there are genuinely more.

But the examples don’t just end there, that’s for sure. I remember back when they started cracking down on prescription pain pills, even for chronic pain patients plus cancer patients. They were citing the increases in opiate abuse throughout our state, however that was mostly due to heroin abuse. As a performative action, the governor made the lives of cancer patients much more miserable while doing absolutely little to legitimately improve the opiate crisis. Things have changed since then, however I never forgot. Now they’re doing the same thing with medical marijuana. The governor overnight decided to impose caps on all of the routes of administration for cannabis products. Now people who need high doses of cannabis for their medical complications were turned away from dispensaries the morning after the surprise ruling went into effect. You can appeal the cap, however I have heard the process takes many weeks or longer. Why does our state government keep insisting on mangling the marijuana rules plus regulations? The two of us were doing perfectly great before they messed everything up with these crazy caps on THC. Some of us require more cannabis to medication than others plus there’s nothing wrong with that. While I’m not affected by the modern rule because of the amount of THC I consume biweekly, I think of many people who were instantly affected by it. My heart goes out to these people plus their dwindling medical cannabis recommendation.


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