Parkinson’s gets a boost from medical cannabis

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I think I sort of knew it.

The symptoms had been apparent for a while so the diagnosis was more of just a confirmation.

The main thing that I was interested in was moving toward learning to live and manage my condition. The doctors I’ve seen have been great. One in particular was so great with helping me navigate the medical marijuana regulations. He was also instrumental in turning me on to great medical marijuana information. I really wanted to stick with as holistic a treatment regimen as I possibly could. This wasn’t so much a moral or political stance as it was just me trying to be the best I could be. And I just don’t do medications as well as others. So I wanted to be able to use medical cannabis to help me along the way. The cannabis flower products I use really do help in measurable ways. Of course, different people react differently to medical cannabis just as I do with the prescribed meds. I get a lot of relief from range of motion and stiffness issues using the cannabis flower products. But there is more medical marijuana benefits than just that. I’m able to foster and focus a much better, more positive perspective about my life. With medical cannabis use, I tend to go more toward being grateful for what I have instead of feeling robbed of function. It’s a much, much better feeling and approach for me. Thanks to the access I have to the cannabis dispensary, I get help keeping up with that perspective.


Medical Marijuana Doctor