Prices on more than 2 items were inaccurately entered into the software

On Monday when the cannabis shop was closed down, my pal and I got a brand new software system installed… The new cannabis dispensary software was supposed to make it much easier for us to keep track of the sales in the building more accurately, then i thought it was a superb idea, because the aged software did not add up all of the items and it did not keep track of the ups and downs.

  • The new software was supposed to be able to chart and graph all of the sales and put the information in an simple to view format; When the software corporation installed all of the system software, they were given a list of the products in our store.

The software corporation was supposed to enter every single one of the products into the format and after that I would be able to see all the people of the cannabis products listed in a much easier to find format. The software allows you to list the cannabis products by style as well as prices. It will cut time in half for new people that are still learning the system. Sadly, the software corporation inaccurately entered the prices for more than 2 items into the software. The manager of the marijuana dispensary did not notice there were some items that were inaccurately entered. It was me that noticed the problem. I know the prices on products all over the store and I know how much it costs even with tax for each one of the cartridges. One of my customers got a cartridge that should have been $65 and it was only $50; As soon as I noticed the problem, I alerted the manager.


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