Reaching out to businesses that need help

I am a web designer for a pretty prominent SEO company.

I do all sorts of web builds for HVAC, cannabis, law, nutrition, personal training and handymen.

I am very diverse in my skill set. I always pay attention to websites and how they are laid out. I can spot a broken link, typo or awkward transition the moment I click on the site. I usually reach out to the company and offer my services. Typically people are too proud to say they need help and ignore me. Recently I went into my local cannabis dispensary and told them they need dispensary SEO badly. Their website was a mess. I found typos, a broken contact form, no company phone number and blurry photos. They also had no social media platforms and weren’t ranked on the first page of google. That is a shameful showing. They are a very good cannabis dispensary that offers great service and high end products. They source from a local grower and have a whole line of hemp products. I talked to the owner about fixing up his web build and rankings. The guy actually was relieved to get some help. The new cannabis website is so much better. Cannabis delivery and curbside pick up are actually offered now. There are images to go with the product descriptions too. I got twitter, facebook and instagram set up for them. The best is that this cannabis dispensary ranks high on page one of google now. The business has really started to pick up for these guys.
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