Renewing my medical cannabis card

I guess I should be thankful we don’t have taxed purchases at the cannabis dispensaries

The inflation based increases in prices have really made it difficult for me to survive in my life. The cost of living has gone up for everyone, but for me it has been exceedingly difficult to find the money for anything. I’m left grasping at straws every month trying to figure out how I’m going to afford my bills and future expenses. Last month I had to drop $200 on my HVAC system to avoid spending $3,000. My compressor stopped working and the heating and cooling company was telling me that I lapsed on my labor warranty. While the part was still under warranty with the HVAC manufacturer, the labor to fix the compressor was going to cost me $3,000 if the manager wouldn’t throw me a bone. You’re supposed to keep a two-a-year maintenance contract at all times to retain your labor warranty, but I didn’t know that. Thankfully the expense was only $200 and not more, but it still took a large chunk of money out of my bank account. It’s unfortunate timing because next month I have to renew my medical cannabis card. This is something that happens once a year but it costs $75 every single time. I wish we could spend $100 every two years instead so the cost wouldn’t be so frequent. For a state that harps on being low in taxes, they really like to hit the medical marijuana patients with whatever taxes they can. I guess I should be thankful we don’t have taxed purchases at the cannabis dispensaries. Some of my friends out west pay a minimum of 20% taxes on every single marijuana purchase from a legal dispensary.

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