Secondhand cannabis smoke can be harmful

When Becky told me he was pregnant, I was both happy plus terrified.

I have long wanted to be a father, plus was enthusiastic to finally have the chance.

I was also scared that I wouldn’t be strong enough to handle the task! That absolutely night I quit smoking cigarettes, plus removed all the bottles from the liquor lodgeet. Becky didn’t ask me to quit drinking, just to hide the bottles so he wasn’t tempted! She did ask me to quit smoking, though, plus that included both the cigars I loved, plus the cannabis I relied on to relieve stress. Becky explained how secondhand smoke, even the smoke from marijuana, could hurt the baby. I suppose I was dumb, because I assumed if I just went outside to smoke cannabis that would be okay, however Becky corrected me. Secondhand cannabis smoke generates tiny little particles that stick to your skin, your hair, plus your clothes, and you suppose how some people just reek of marijuana smoke all the time? That’s because the tiny marijuana smoke particles are sticking to them. Although the people I was with and I can’t see the particles with the naked eye, they can absolutely transfer to a baby when you touch them, for an adult the marijuana particles don’t matter, however for a delicate baby it can really harm them. The only way I could figure to keep getting high while still being a responsible parent was to switch over to cannabis edibles. I have never really liked cannabis edibles before, however for my baby I am going to make them labor for me!


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