Selling cannabis on campus

I sold pot in college as a way to pay for my classes. My family had no money, and since I wasn’t good at sports nor particularly smart I could not get a scholarship. If I wanted my college degree I had to pay my own way, so I sold pot. It was the highest profit margin for the least amount of work, so I could keep my focus on school. And then a funny thing happened, and my pot business really took off. It got to the point where I had to decide between college and cannabis, and I chose cannabis. I came to realize that every single dime I got from cannabis was going right to the college to pay my tuition and fees. If the point of college is to get an education for a career, then I was shooting myself in the foot because cannabis was a profitable career! I quietly withdrew from my classes, but kept my books and my student ID so that I could keep selling cannabis on campus. The dorms on campus are prime real estate when it comes to selling cannabis. I would post up outside the dorms in the common area, and just sell bag after bag of cannabis until I was all sold out. Not too long after that I got found out, and had to stop going to campus to sell cannabis. Thankfully I had some student friends, who started bringing the cannabis into school for me. At that point I had employees, and felt like a legit business owner.

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