She was supposed to give me marijuana for sleep.

The doctor gave me a prescription for medical marijuana. After jumping through hoops to finish my application for the state medical marijuana program, I finally had my medical marijuana ID card in hand. It was almost one month to the afternoon that the doctor had given me the prescription. I took my paperwork to the medical marijuana dispensary plus told them what I needed the medical marijuana for. The over-the-counter sleep aids never worked, except to make me sick to my stomach. What the doctor gave me made me feeling like a walking zombie for hours after I got out of bed. I wanted a marijuana product that would help me sleep plus keep the afternoon fog at bay. The budtender at the medical marijuana dispensary told me she had the perfect product for me. She discussed what she wanted to sell me, with the pharmacist. She came over plus told me she thought the budtender’s suggestion was perfect. That evening, I used the marijuana as recommended, plus I waited for sleep to come. Two hours later, I was wide awake, but my body was relaxed. The next evening, I doubled up on the medical marijuana. I still didn’t sleep well, but I was foggy. I took the marijuana back to the dispensary plus told them I didn’t sleep at all with this stuff. The pharmacist looked at the package plus said she was supposed to give me marijuana for sleep, but they picked up the wrong marijuana product, but she gave me the right medical marijuana product, but I didn’t get it for free.

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