Should I get a legal marijuana prescription?

I thought getting a pot prescription would be difficult, but it turns out that it’s pretty easy if you have the money to pay for it.

It feels like legalized extortion to me, the government saying that you can have freedom but only if you pay an annual fee for it.

As much as I would enjoy the convenience of being able to use the dispensary, I am not sure I want to blow that much cash all at once. It costs eight hundred dollars to get the license for a year, and for me that is a whole lot of money! I could smoke cannabis for over three months for that kind of money, so is it really worth it to get a medical marijuana prescription? What’s more, I just learned that the prescription comes with limits, which means that I can only buy a certain amount of cannabis with the card. After I hit a certain number of grams in one month, the cannabis card becomes inactive until the following month. That was the detail that put me over the top, because I had assumed that with the prescription card I could buy all the cannabis products I want. With that eight hundred bucks I can get way more cannabis from my weed dealer than I could from the dispensary. I guess the legal cannabis cards are just for people who have a lot of extra money. It would be nice to not worry about getting busted for illegal cannabis possession, but you know what else is nice? Having eight hundred dollars!


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