Should I trust government approved cannabis dispensaries?

I don’t like the government, and I sure as heck don’t trust the government.

  • A few months ago the state started offering legalized medical cannabis permits.

They were high-priced, required a doctor’s approval, and a ton of paperwork. Many of my friends paid the cost and got their medical cards, however not me. My friend Zed slings ounces of chronic, and I don’t have to fill out any paperwork with him. As I said, I don’t trust the government, so I had no faith that their new program was going to be fair. It might be a giant scam to sting cannabis users, for all I knew. After a few months, I finally tried some of the cannabis from the dispensary, and it tasted great! It was really better than the marijuana I bought from Zed, although please don’t tell him I said that. I am still not legally allowed inside the cannabis dispensary because I don’t have the right paperwork. However, if the day ever comes that recreational cannabis is legalized in this state, then my buddy and I might just start shopping at the dispensary. I have a few friends that are regulars at the cannabis dispensary, and so far they haven’t had any concerns. Even Zed has been known to swing by the cannabis dispensary once in a while, just to see what the latest and greatest products are. Maybe I was wrong about the government approved cannabis dispensaries, perhaps they are on the level. It’s a moot point right now, since I don’t have a cannabis Rx card, however maybe one afternoon.

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