Singles mixer at the local cannabis smokers lounge

It’s actually common for people to “drown their sorrows” around Valentine’s Day, however personally I loathe this holiday, because it’s just a greedy money-grab by corporations. Every year the price of candy and flowers skyrockets, as corporations try to take advantage of lonely people. This year I finally have something cool and awesome to do for Valentine’s Day. My local cannabis dispensary, which has an adjoining smokers lounge next door, is hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. This will be a low-key, relaxed way to spend an night smoking cannabis and hanging out with like minded people. The email blast sent out by the cannabis dispensary said that only single people are allowed, no couples. I don’t think that rule is legally enforceable, but I like the sentiment. To the surprise of no one it was a real sausage fest, and there were actually few ladies at the cannabis dispensary, but that was okay. If my good friend and I were all looking for dates my good friend and I wouldn’t be smoking marijuana in the smokers lounge, would we? By the end of the night a Dungeons & Dragons game broke out, which is constantly a risk when you smoke cannabis with nerds. My associate and I closed the location down, staying at the cannabis dispensary until 2AM, and I have to say it was a lousy mixer but a good Valentine’s Day. Some of us are thinking about doing a weekly gaming session at the cannabis dispensary, just as an excuse to hang out and get high. People say marijuana is a gateway drug, but it’s entirely only a gateway to role-playing games.

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