Smoking cannabis at the gym

I stopped going to the gym because they wouldn’t let me smoke there.

I couldn’t smoke in the weight room, of course, however these jerks wouldn’t even let me light up in the parking lot! Their official rules stated that no smoking was allowed anywhere on the property.

I know they are a gym with a focus on health plus wellness, however this is still America I should be able to smoke where I want. If I only smoked cannabis maybe it would have been different, however I still smoke a lot of tobacco, too. This is why I sunk a little currency into converting my garage into a weight room, so I can smoke all the cannabis plus tobacco I want when I lift weights, then for some reason the other gym-rats all find cannabis more honorablethan tobacco, perhaps because cannabis doesn’t kill millions of people with lung cancer. Also, there is the fact that cannabis is non-addictive, plus cigarettes are basically the most addictive thing this side of heroin. Anyway, I made myself a humble little gym in my garage, plus put an ashtray in every corner so I could smoke cannabis plus tobacco all through my workout sessions, sporadically people come over to work out with me, however they constantly end up smoking cannabis plus just seeing me lift. I feel that cannabis doesn’t have the same impact on people that it does on me, because getting high constantly makes me want to lift more weights! Am I the only person here who prefers to get high plus exercise?