So fun to visit my sister and the cannabis dispensaries

I love my sister.

She and I grew up in a rural area where there just weren’t a lot of kids.

So the two us pretty much had to be friends if we wanted someone to play with. We’re barely 2 years apart so it was pretty easy to be close. Still, it’s fairly remarkable that we have stayed as close as we are. My sister was the first person to introduce me to recreational marijuana. She was an upper classmen in college during my freshman year. She brought home some sativa strains that Christmas and I got stoned for the very first time. It was actually such a magical experience that I can still picture it perfectly in my brain. These days, my sister and I both still enjoy sativa strains as well as indica and lots of hybrid strains. However, we both just love to try out new cannabis strains together. This is something that has become a bit of a thing with us. Fortunately, she lives in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. So I have all that much added motivation to get myself down the road 6 hours to visit her. My sister has the best local cannabis spot. But I also make sure that we check out all the others. Still, her local cannabis spot is always on the lookout for new cannabis strains that they know my sister might like. It’s just such a great time for us and we just laugh while connecting once again. I’m lucky to have such a great friend and she be my sister as well. It’s just a bonus for us that we can now shop for marijuana for sale.

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