Studying botany and growing cannabis

My younger sister Jen has always been a step above the rest of us.

  • We are a blue collar family, but Jen was purely white-collar from the time she could walk and talk.

She was a special girl, whip-smart and ambitious as well, so the whole family knew to expect great things from her. When the COVID lockdown happened, the college Jen was attending shut down and she moved back home with my parents. True to her nature, she didn’t let a lack of school slow down her need to learn, so she started to study botany to try and cultivate a few marijuana plants. My parents advised her to try growing something more legal than cannabis, but Jenny already had a plan in place. She explained that while she could try growing other kinds of plants, if she grew marijuana then when she was finished she could sell it. My parents pointed out that it was illegal, and she corrected them, saying that the new laws stipulated that people were allowed to grow up to a half dozen cannabis plants on their property. We have not reached full legalization of cannabis ibn our state yet, but we are making steps! Thanks to this law, Jenny could grow a small number of cannabis plants and not have to fear the law. Of course the law also said she wasn’t allowed to sell the cannabis she grew, but Jenny was hoping by the time she reached harvest the laws would be changed. I will probably just buy all the cannabis from her myself!


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