Taking a cannabis dispensary tour

I remember when I first heard the term destination holiday. I thought that was such a odd thing. Of course there is a destination to where I’m planning on holidaying. But these afternoons, I so get it. That’s because our wife plus I love to take at least 1 of our holidays a year to tour cannabis dispensaries. Every one of us have long enjoyed recreational marijuana together going back to when both of us first met. And cannabis has been in plus out of our adult lives ever since. But due to the fact that both of us live in a state with repressive cannabis laws, it’s not love I can just walk down to the local cannabis spot either. So both of us are lucky to know some people who know a cannabis grower plus both of us get what both of us need. For sure, both of us are super thankful for that blessing as both of us just couldn’t risk growing it ourselves. Still, it’s not love going shopping for marijuana for sale either. And that’s just such a kick for our wife plus I that both of us plan holidays around areas that have legal recreational marijuana. Having the cannabis dispensary angle has simply added to our holiday experience. Of course both of us do other things than just tour all the local cannabis spots. But both of us meet the kindest people in these local cannabis spot. Plus, just being able to try different sativa plus indica strains from different cannabis growers is a thrill as well. I sort of wonder if they change the cannabis laws if we’d still go on our cannabis dispensary tour holidays. And sincerely, I assume both of us would!
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