Thankful for cannabis delivery

I’ve worked construction for many years and suffered my share of injuries, aches and pains.

Two years ago, I fell through a rotted floor in a building my company was restoring.

The fall resulted in broken bones in both legs, a torn ACL, concussion, punctured lung and all sorts of scrapes, cuts, bruises and problems. I went through three separate surgeries and required physical therapy. I wasn’t happy with how the painkillers made me feel but couldn’t get along without them. I found it impossible to sleep soundly at night and experienced severe migraines during the day. The constant pain kept me from returning to work. I worried that I’d never get back to my normal life and suffer the consequences of that fall forever. I was beginning to fall into depression when my wife convinced me to try for my MMJ card. The process wasn’t overly difficult or expensive, and I had my card quite quickly. The hardest part was getting to the dispensary. Driving caused me a great deal of discomfort, and I didn’t want my wife to take a day off from work to take me. When I researched the different medical dispensaries in the area, I came across one that offers delivery. They provide same-day delivery at no extra fee. I simply need to spend a minimum amount, which is no problem. The cost of the products I need quickly adds up. However, cannabis is a natural remedy and a great alternative to pharmaceuticals. I was relieved to quit taking the painkillers and try something without long-term, damaging side-effects.


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