Thanks for the cannabis!

It took me a while before I could relax and enjoy myself at the local cafe.

The spot is a major hang-out hub for many of my friends, mostly because of the music.

The cafe does not have any indoor seating. Inside the small building is the bar and the kitchen, and the counter to place your orders. All of the tables and chairs are outside on the patio, under a roof with no walls, and set around a small stage in the center. There is live music 5 nights a week, which makes it a very cool place to have a few beers and chill out. It’s also convenient for walking away to smoke some cannabis out in the parking lot. Our town is in a weird place when it comes to legal cannabis use. Medical cannabis was legalized two years ago, but recreational use is still very much a gray area. New laws say that anyone who owns property is allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants. So even though recreational cannabis is still illegal, anyone who wants to grow their own is allowed to do so. I don’t grow my own, because farming cannabis is not in my wheelhouse, but I buy from my friend Ed, who has a medical cannabis prescription. Whenever I go to the cafe I always roll some cannabis up into a little “pinner” style of joint before I leave. Whenever I start to feel anxious about being in public, I slip out to the parking lot for a few little hits of OG Kush, which always settles my nerves.

Marijuana cafe