The 5 pack of pre-rolls was really good deal

After spending a very long time living in a state without legal cannabis laws, it was nice to go on vacation to a place with a variety of dispensaries.

I decided to visit a dispensary my second day on vacation.

I went to a place that was about two blocks away from the hotel. The marijuana dispensary was in a small shopping center with a clothing boutique, fitness center, and health food store. There was also a smoothie place inside of the fitness center. After I went to the marijuana dispensary to grab a pack of pre-rolls, I went to the smoothie place to get a strawberry, blueberry, banana, and extra protein shake. While I was in the marijuana dispensary, I looked at all of the different items that were available for sale. The five pack of three rolls was a really good deal and it caught my eye right away. The five pack of pre rolls was infused with crushed diamonds and each one of the pre-rolls was individually packaged. That meant that every time I grabbed a pre-roll, it was fresh out of the container. I was on vacation for an additional 3 days after I went to the marijuana shop and I actually decided to return a few days later to grab some edibles for one of my friends. He smelled marijuana on me at dinner and was jealous that I went to the dispensary and never mentioned anything to the rest of the group. I honestly wasn’t sure that anyone else would enjoy marijuana except me.

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