The best way to get high when kids are around

Being a responsible dad means different things to different people, but I think there are a few baselines rules we all follow.

A good father puts the health and safety of his child above all else, even their own happiness.

Sacrifices have to be made sometimes, and as the man of the house, it falls upon us to do it without complaint. The cops don’t “protect and serve” Dads do! I went from being a pack-a-day smoker to only using a nicotine puffer a few times a day. I used to drink whiskey by the bottle, and now I restrict myself to a beer or two. When it came to cannabis, I was the biggest smoker anyone had ever met, and those days are gone, too. I still enjoy cannabis, but in a quiet and more responsible way than before. I have a vape pen with cannabis oil in it, because vapor is not shown to be harmful like smoking it. Still I only vape cannabis when the kids are in bed, or I am outside, just in case the vapor is harmful. The best way for me to kick back and get stoned is by using cannabis edibles, because they have no odor or side effects at all. I take a couple of cannabis edibles in the morning when the kids eat breakfast, and that keeps me nice and chill for most of the day. When my wife gets home from work in the evening I will step outside to vape some cannabis oil while the kids are distracted. .
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