The bouncer at the cannabis dispensary

The difference between being a bouncer at a nightclub and toiling the front door of a cannabis dispensary is pressing, but both tasks are basically the same on paper, but in practice they are strikingly different. Basically I have a stool by the front door, and I check the ID of everyone who wants to come inside. If someone gets out of line, or is disruptive, after that I gently “escort” them off the premises. Like I said, on paper both tasks are the same! The main difference is the type of customers I have to deal with, however at the nightclub I had to deal with a lot of drunks, and break up a honorablenumber of fights. At the cannabis dispensary there are never any fistfights, because in general potheads are much more peaceful than drunks. The largest problem I have is the long line in front of the cannabis dispensary at night. At least once per shift I have a exhausted pothead get bored and kneel down on the sidewalk, only to fall asleep. These are good problems to have, especially since I make more money at the cannabis dispensary. My number one part of the task is the employee discount, which means I save money on all my cannabis products. Of course I never get high at work, but when I am at property I smoke cannabis constantly. Thanks to my employee discount I really save a hundred dollars or more every month on my cannabis purchases. Since there are never any fights to break up, this is pretty much a dream task!

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