The budtender did not add the extra items to my order

I went online Last month & I sited an order with the marijuana delivery service, however i wanted to add a couple of items to the order, so I called the marijuana delivery service directly.

  • I did not want to place a minute order & have them arrive at bizarre times of the day.

I contacted the marijuana delivery service directly. I spoke with a bartender on the cellphone named alex. I asked him to add the items to my order. I provided him my name & my cellphone number & I even verified my address information with him! The guy told myself and others that he would add the items to the order. The next day when the driver arrived, the extra order items were missing. I was actually angry & frustrated, because I called to make sure that the items would be added to the order. I called the dispensary & I spoke with the supervisor. I explained the situation & I told his that I talked to the employee named Alex the previous day. Alex was actually working at the dispensary… He remembered taking my call & he also remembered never adding the items to the order. I am sure that guy got into a load of trouble. The supervisor comped all three of the items that were supposed to be added to my order, and he sent them out with a delivery driver free of charge. The supervisor also sent a couple of free items & samples. There was a half gram of marijuana resin & a couple of bizarre types of edibles. There were also more than 2 bizarre pre-rolls in the bottom of the bag.


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