The budtender was saying to try a high THC, although I preferred CBD

I took a pack of CBD gummies, and a pack of high CBD/low THC gummies to try at home

I walked into the marijuana dispensary, hoping to find some really good CBD products. I had been purchasing them at the local pharmacy, however they were so high-priced. I was genuinely hoping that now that recreational marijuana was legal, I could find some gummies in the cannabis store, and they would be less high-priced. When I asked about CBD gummies, the budtender at the marijuana dispensary asked what I used them for. I told her I got a great deal of headaches from stress, however CBD helped me to relax, and the pain and stress would totally melt away. She told me she didn’t have any pure CBD in the marijuana dispensary, but she could offer me some high THC products that had CBD in them. I was hoping for high CBD and not high THC. She said that some THC products could do the same as CBD, although I wasn’t interested in any of that. I wanted a CBD product. When she said I could entirely find them at the pharmacy, I thanked her. I was actually positive I would find what I wanted at the marijuana dispensary, although I was wrong. On the way back to my household, I saw another marijuana dispensary and made the decision to give it a try. When I walked into the cannabis store and asked for CBD, the young lady showed me to a table that had strange CBD products. She asked if I was looking for straight CBD, or high CBD with a small amount of THC and told me the benefits of both options. I took a pack of CBD gummies, and a pack of high CBD/low THC gummies to try at home. This cannabis store was more friendly than the first one.