The church doesn't want cannabis legalized

Most people do not smoke cannabis inside of a church.

I recently met an honestly nice woman who opened our eyes to the exact way that church can be. Every one of us are not fans of religion even though everyone of us want our children to have values. All of us had to church once or twice throughout the week for repair Plus on Wednesday there is school. It is consistently nice but very boring as well. The church is constantly making us feel bored. According to a current friend of mine, church is not a boring place at all. In a church where my friend visits, they celebrate all of the gifts that come from God including cannabis. My own church condemns cannabis products and calls it the devil’s lettuce plus says this is taking you on a path through damnation and hellfire. My friends Church says that God made cannabis and they celebrate the regenerative properties. This makes a great deal of sense to me because of the times that I have asked a clergy person to tell me why cannabis is immoral. They have never really given myself an addition to others very much of a straight answer. They consistently say cannabis is immoral because of the fact that it is illegal, but what about in the states where it is 100% legal for people to use. They never want to talk to myself plus others a second time plus then they don’t suppose why cannabis is evil. I would prefer that my church accepted cannabis use unless they can provide me with the reasons why it is not safe.
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