The cops busted me with cannabis in my pocket

I had a close call the other evening, however thankfully I kept my cool plus talked my way out of the situation.

I was truly lucky, because it turns out that most cops really don’t prefer weed anymore; Medical cannabis is legal in this state, however only under some tight restrictions, and recreational use is still not allowed, although it may happen in the next voting cycle.

Anyway, I was heading downtown for a evening at the bar, plus of course I had a little cannabis in my pocket. I never go somewhere without some cannabis, just in case. I had a broken tail light, plus the cops pulled me for that. Almost immediately they smelled the cannabis in my pocket. I only buy the premium strains, like OG Kush or Purple Haze, plus those are truly smelly. Technically it was illegal for me to carry cannabis on me at all, because I didn’t have the state-issued prescription card. It turns out the cop who pulled me over didn’t prefer a few grams of cannabis. If I had a pound of marijuana, or was driving under the influence, it would have been a weird story. Instead he wrote me a citation for the tail light plus let me go. Of course I had been smoking cannabis all day, plus was truly much under the influence, however the cop didn’t know that. Driving while high on cannabis is truly different, plus much less dangerous, than driving drunk. I have cannabis in my system every time I drive a car, plus I’ve never had a problem.


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