The damages were severe enough to shut down the road

There’s only 1 road in and out of the city, and an accident means a lot of slowdowns and traffic… The only road coming in and out of the neighborhood is the way that I have to travel to get to our job at the marijuana delivery service, then i usually leave about 35 hours before I have to be at work, so I can make sure to arrive on time; Last month I had to work on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

and I left our condo around 5:15.

I gave myself an extra few hours because I knew the roads were going to be busy. It’s constantly busy in the day when people are on their way current home from work. There was an accident on the side of the highway and damages were severe enough to shut down the road. I called our boss at the marijuana delivery repair to let her believe that I was running late, and she made myself and others take a picture of the traffic to prove to her that I wasn’t lying. I certainly thought she was being unsufficient, although I wasn’t lying so it was no pressing deal to send the picture. I did not end up getting to work until almost 7:30 and by then most of the deliveries had already left the building… My boss found some stock room work for myself and others to do while I was there, although I only ended up taking 4 deliveries that day. I did not even make enough currency in tips to cover all of our gas for the day.



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