The delivery driver forgot 6 boxes

A modern driver started working for the marijuana delivery service last week, however the service delivers all of the items that both of us use in the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, but each week they bring our supplies like edibles, smokable flower, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

Everything that both of us sell in the dispensary comes from this delivery service! I recognized a modern face last week.

I mentioned something to the regular face that I saw with the modern guy, however he told me that the guy was just starting out, but he was going to beginning taking over the route next week when the official guy was on holiday. He promised there would not be any problems and all of the marijuana deliveries would be on time. He did not promise they would be accurate. The deliveries that both of us received the next week on Thursday were totally wrong. The delivery driver forgot 6 boxes of items for the store, then most of those shipments were items that both of us sell every single day… All of the missing stock was a really big deal. As soon as I realized all of those items were missing, I immediately contacted the distributor to file a complaint. The woman on the iphone apologized for the mix-up, she told me there was a modern person working the route. I already knew that information, however it was still nice to hear her apologize for the mix-up; Both of us had to wait 2 extra days and both of us ran out of a lot of different marijuana supplies! Our clients weren’t too cheerful when all both of us could do was say I’m sorry.
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