The delivery driver ran into my mailbox

A few months after my wife and I bought our new house, we contacted a recreational marijuana delivery service. The recreational marijuana delivery service had an online order form. We carefully filled out all of the information, including our name, phone number, address, and get drivers license information. We even had to upload a clear picture of the front and the back of our identification card. We patiently waited for the driver to arrive with all of our cannabis supplies. My wife and I ordered a couple of packages of cannabis Edibles. We purchased two vape pen concentrate cartridges and we purchased an ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower. I also purchased a gram of Girl Scout cookies hybrid live resin. The driver showed up on time. He was very friendly and pleasant. The kid looked like he was barely 21 years old. As the driver was leaving the house, I saw him start sliding in the wet grass by the side of the road. I saw the kid slammed on the brakes of his car, but he slid halfway down the street. He didn’t stop until he hit my mailbox at the bottom of the driveway. The marijuana delivery driver completely took the mailbox out. The whole post was out of the ground and the mailbox was crumpled. I quickly got out of the house and walked down the driveway to make sure that the driver was okay. He was more concerned with my mailbox than he was with the severe head injury and laceration he received in the accident.



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