The delivery guy forgot about me

The cheapest marijuana dispensary in town has great prices on next day deliveries.

If you order for next day delivery, you can save 10% on the whole order.

If you order for next day delivery, you also get access to all of the clearance menu items. I ordered a bunch of stuff from the clearance menu and a couple of items from the regular menu. The clearance menu had grams of live resin concentrate that were only $25 each. I knew that was a steal, so I bought one of each of the strains. There was a sativa, hybrid, and an indica. I purchased one of each of the strains. The total for my order was easily over $200. I went to the bank on Wednesday at night so I had plenty of cash on Thursday for the delivery driver. The marijuana dispensary does not take anything except cash. I waited and waited for the delivery driver to arrive. I chose the selected time of 12 until 2:00. At 3:30, I finally decided to contact the marijuana dispensary. I called for 15 minutes before I got anyone to answer the phone. When I did get the woman on the phone, she encouraged me to wait a little bit longer. She promised that the driver was on his way. Around 6:00, I contacted the marijuana dispensary again. This time I spoke with a different manager. I found out that the delivery guy forgot about me earlier, but the night time manager got my order out quickly and I had all of the marijuana products in less than an hour.

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