The experience was better with cannabis

Everyone of us went to a drag queen show last evening plus we had a relaxing wild time. Everyone of us had not been to a show before and the local cafe was having a night so I took my wifey plus the adult children to see the show. All of the people were nice plus playful plus fun plus they grabbed our arms plus dragged myself plus others onto the small stage to participate in a dance contest. I really can’t dance plus having many people staring at myself and others did not help. I had a real secret weapon to help myself plus others feel more calm plus collected. This was a head that was filled with cannabis. I smoked more than one full joint of OG Kush in the evening in order to mellow out plus prepare for the evening. I often smoke cannabis before going to public just because it makes myself and others feel so calm Plus mellow. Thanks to the strain of OG Kush I was not distraught when there was a bunch of people staring directly at me. The cannabis strain gave myself and others some confidence to get on the stage Plus have a relaxing time plus I even seem to twerk with a single of the queens. Many hours later when the Cannabis was fading away, I started to believe embarrassed about the whole thing. People were incredibly careful and it is easily a night that my family plus myself will not forget. There were so several people cheering and myself and others had a relaxing and confident evening.

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