The high end boutique was too expensive for me

I went on vacation with my parents last summer and we traveled all the way across the country to the West coast. We visited some of the places where the stars live. We walked up and down the streets where it is normal to see famous people. We even visited the place with all of the stars on the ground. While I was on vacation with my parents, I had some time to myself. I visited a friend from college that I had not seen in a couple of years. He has been living in the area for a while. We met up at a bar and he took me to meet some of his friends and his girlfriend. We made plans to meet the next day to walk around downtown. My friend took me to a high-end boutique that was filled with different types of marijuana products. The high end boutique had only top shelf marijuana products. All of the marijuana products were from famous celebrity growers and retailers. I couldn’t afford any of the marijuana products in the high-end boutique, but it was really neat to see some of the items. After we went to the expensive marijuana shop, my friend took me to a different place where the prices on marijuana were low. We found a lot of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes to last me throughout the entire trip. It was fun and exciting to see my friend again and even better that my Mom and Dad paid for the entire trip so they wouldn’t have to drive the rental car while they were there.



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