The line was out the door when deliveries were canceled

Two of the delivery drivers at the cannabis dispensary called on Friday because they could not come to work, and both of the guys ended up getting the flu.

The last time they worked, both of the guys had a sore throat and a light cough.

I was afraid that they would get sick however I hope and pray that they would not call out on the same evening. I already had the schedule made, so I couldn’t transport anyone around suddenly enough when they called to tell myself and others that they were too sick to come to work. I feel it’s kind of odd that both guys ended up with the flu after Jack’s boyfriend was sick. I might look into that further if it was my boyfriend and my best friend! Deliveries had to be canceled on Friday evening, because a single driver was not going to get the task done. There was no reason to overwhelm a single driver trying to get the task of numerous people done at once. It seems more likely that a better method was simply to offer only in-store pickup and curbside delivery services. The line was out the door when we had to cancel delivery services; Part of the reason was likely due to the sale. Because we could not offer delivery services last evening, we were authorized to offer each buyer a free pre-roll with their purchase. The condo pre-rolls are normally $16 each and the customers gained them for free. The store was absolutely busier than any other evening that I can remember and we still managed to clear a significant amount of currency despite not being able to offer marijuana delivery services on that unique evening.


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