The lollipop didn't taste very good but I was high all day

The flavor of the cannabis was musty and old

One of my coworkers went to the West Coast for a 7-day trip and the guy brought back a lot of things for everyone to try. Mostly he had a lot of treats and snacks that were known to the West Coast area. He had some sour candies and nut treats. He had some salt water taffy and fudge. The guy had lots of different stickers and keychains from the city. My coworker brought something special back for me and that was a cannabis lollipop. I told the guy that he could get me something from the recreational marijuana dispensary. All of the states on the west coast have legal recreational marijuana and the dispensaries have a huge selection of products. My coworker brought me back a cannabis lollipop. The lollipop was supposed to taste like sour blueberries and it had 50 mg of thc. My coworker warned me not to eat the whole lollipop at once, because it was going to be a powerful sedative. Of course I did not listen to anything that my coworker had to say as far as advice was concerned. I broke the lollipop down with my stapler and I ate all of the little pieces instead of eating the lollipop slowly. The pieces of the sour blueberry cannabis lollipop did not taste very good. The flavor of the cannabis was musty and old. The cannabis lollipop did get me high. I ate all of the candy early in the morning and I had to find an excuse to go home at 2:00, because I could not keep my eyes open at work.

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