The marijuana shop has three different daily specials

I ordered pizza from the delivery service and marijuana too.

The marijuana shop near me has three different daily specials. Every single day of the week, you can pick an item from the clearance bin for only a dollar if you spend $50 on any product. You can also get a penny pre-roll for every $50 that you spend. On every day of the week there is a different third special. On Mondays the special is on top shelf flower, but on Tuesdays the special is on concentrates. If you buy two items, you get a third one of equal or lesser value for only a penny. All of the different daily specials make it worth going to the marijuana shop. You can only get the penny pre rolls if you pick up or order in line. You cannot get penny pre rolls if you order for delivery. I didn’t know that you couldn’t get penny pre rolls with delivery until last week. My friends and I were hanging out at my place. I ordered pizza from the delivery service and marijuana too. My friends and I bet on which one of the shops would arrive first. I expected to get four pre-rolls with my order and there were no pre-rolls in the bag except for the ones that I ordered. I contacted the marijuana dispensary to complain about the missing items and that’s when I found out that the penny pre-rolls are only available for in-store purchases and not for deliveries. They should advertise that on the website, because I had no idea that was a rule.

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