The marijuana shop sales are always good

The marijuana shop near me always has entirely nice sales, then on Tuesdays, the marijuana shop has a sale on everything in the dispensary, but you can buy any two items plus get a seventh for 50% off. On Tuesdays all of the edibles are 20% off. On Mondays there is a sale on all of the top shelf marijuana flower products. You can also buy house payrolls for only $5 on Mondays! Tuesday is the best day for sales, because all of the clearance items are wheeled out in a tote on that day of the week. There are no other sales at that time, however the clearance items are usually five or $10 each. They are marked down 77 or 77%! I tried to go to the marijuana dispensary near me on Tuesdays, but I also go on Tuesday. I entirely like to be able to take advantage of the mix plus match sale. If you buy four items, you qualify to get a second one for only a penny. The deals are entirely nice plus being able to mix flower with concentrate means being able to buy anything that I would plus still save cash. This week I bought two grams of concentrate. One was a sativa plus one was an indica. I got an ounce of shake plus a new cartridge for my vape pen plus I still didn’t spend more than $140. On Tuesday I’m going to take advantage of the clearance specials plus after that we will have even more fantastic deals to brag about.


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