The new limits are going to make it strenuous to medicate consistently

This morning there was a bill passed in the state legislature. The bill outlines new limits for medical marijuana patients. When medical marijuana was legalized in the state comment there was a democratic governor. Now that a republican has taken over, he is clearly trying to undo all of the progress that the people I was with and I have made. That includes trying to get rid of medical marijuana altogether. Since the people passed the law, there is honestly no way to repeal it. There can be new addendums added to the law. For instance, this morning there was an addendum added to the medical marijuana law that outlines the amount of marijuana products that each person can receive. There were limits already in locale, but now those limits are going to be different. The new limits are going to make it honestly strenuous to medicate consistently, because the new limits are lower. I called our doctor’s office plus the number was busy. I’m not surprised. I’m sure a lot of people are trying to figure out how they are going to continue to medicate with marijuana if the state shuts things down plus limits the amount of medicine the people I was with and I can access. I’m severely thankful that these new laws don’t affect me personally, but I have a lot of friends plus a few family members that use medical marijuana. This new law is going to impact them in a sizable way. It is exactly the same as telling a heart patient that the insurance corporation is no longer going to spend our money for a full prescription. Now that same heart patient has to figure out a way to stay healthy with access to only half of the same medication that was working in the past.


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